Many people, at some stage in their lives will encounter difficulties which they find overwhelming. 

While family and friends are very supportive and have good intentions, there are occasions when it helps to explore issues with someone who is outside that circle, and who is a trained therapist with the experience to offer real practical support and cognitive therapy.

There is a rhythm to the sessions whereby the client brings the material, the therapist helps process it and the client can take it back. This process heals the client because it frees the psychic pain we feel from distressing and disturbing events. We become stronger, and better able to tolerate our difficulties.


  • Depression 
  • Managing stress / anxiety
  • Panic attacks 
  • Insomnia / confusion
  • Addictions: (drugs, alcohol,gambling)
  • Eating disorders
  • Anger management 
  • Domestic violence
  • Family conflicts
  • Work related issues
  • Sexual abuse
  • Bereavement / grief
  • Loss / sorrow / pain / rejection
  • Accident trauma
  • illness 
  • acceptance
  • Self-esteem, confidence & 
  • assertiveness

One or more of these issues may be interfering with your day to day life. Counselling can help you take control of your life or help you understand why you are at this stage now.

The counselor helps to create a climate that enables and supports the person to resolve present or past difficulties, and change their life for the better.

C.B.T.(Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) will give you contentment and happiness. It teaches methods whereby those who experience negative thoughts, low mood ,anxiety/ panic etc can change them to positive thoughts feelings and behaviours with a new way of thinking.


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