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Counselling Organisation. 
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One-2-One Counselling Ireland is a practice with Qualified Accredited and Experienced Therapists, working throughout Ireland. All therapists are fully accredited with professional bodies appropriate to our areas of expertise, and collectively we have qualifications in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Medicine. We cover the full range of therapeutic counselling services, using the leading counselling methodologies.


The three main forms of Therapies include:
• Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
• Humanistic / Person-centred therapy
• Integrative counselling (a blend of approaches)

Many people, at some stage in their lives will encounter difficulties which they find overwhelming. While family and friends are very supportive and well intentioned, there are occasions when it helps to explore issues with someone who is outside that circle, and who is a trained therapist with the experience to offer real practical support and cognitive therapy.




Why is counselling for you?

Counselling is for anyone who is willing to accept help, to look at themselves and their issues, which may benefit from counselling. Counselling is a chance to talk confidentially with someone who can help you learn skills and new ways of looking at your situation. This can help you be more aware and capable of solving problems on your own. Counselling is not like talking to a friend. It is far more effective, not usually offering advice but instead helping you get a fresh perspective, you find your own understanding of what you are dealing with, and teaches you coping strategies. It is often easier to talk to a professional therapist than a friend or family member, as your counsellor is not personally involved in your situation, they can offer impartial empathy and compassion, and will never take what you say personally.

  • Depression 
  • Managing stress / anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Insomnia / confusion
  • Addictions: (drugs, alcohol, gambling)
  • Eating disorders
  • Anger management
  • Domestic violence
  • Family conflicts
  • Work related issues
  • Sexual abuse
  • Bereavement / grief
  • Loss / sorrow / pain / rejection
  • Accident trauma /  illness acceptance
  • Self-esteem, confidence & assertiveness

One or more of these issues may be interfering with your day to day life.  Counselling can help you take control of your life or help you understand why you are at this stage now. The counsellor helps to create a climate that enables and supports the person to resolve present or past difficulties, and change their life for the better.


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